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Thunder Bully the Bulls, NBA Petty Class 101, Uncle Oak is Back,

Source: Thunder Bully the Bulls, NBA Petty Class 101, Uncle Oak is Back,

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Football Confessions of a Sports Fanatic Diva

I won’t get mad if you forget Valentine’s day, may not even get mad if you forget my birthday, but if you come between me and my sports addictions there will be trouble. -Reign of Stylels

Reign Of Styles

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.35.15 PMI may not be the average girl next door. Not that I strive to be average, I mean who wants to be average? I’ve always liked to soar above the clouds and reach for the stars.  You know Go BIG or Go Home. But I digress.  I woke up this morning with a feeling of glee. Which is weird because people who are extremely happy and cheery before noon worry me a little, okay they worry me a lot.  I’ve heard Ted Bundy and Charles Manson were both unusually pleasant. No one should be that happy before noon without Montavida. But I digress; today isn’t about serial killers or weirdos. Maybe we will talk about them next week. Today is about my great joy.

My favorite days of the year are probably a little different than those of the average Diva. The first weekend of March Madness is one of…

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